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Energy Healing - What is it?

Energy healing is a powerful and holistic approach that involves an intentional restoration of balance and harmony of the body's natural energy systems. The term "Energy Healing" can refer to a variety of distinct techniques. Trained practitioners in each approach consciously impact the human energy system, including the chakras (or energy centers) and the aura.

Majda Laalej Amsterdam Energy Healing Chakras
Photo by ©Marian Jenis

As we go through life and experience all type of situations, we may occasionally, consciously or not, struggle with some emotions that we do not process correctly. As these get stored in the body, they can create blockages (under the form of energy) that cause physical, emotional or psychological issues.

Reiki, acupuncture, and crystal treatment are some of the techniques used by energy healing practitioners to access and modify the body's energy field. ​​Through these techniques, an energy healer can assist in clearing and balancing the chakras, or energy centers in the body and encourage the flow of energy throughout the body.

Energy healing has numerous advantages, including reduced stress and anxiety, increased sleep, and pain alleviation. It can also assist individuals in releasing unwanted emotions, behavioural patterns and cultivating a stronger feeling of calm, harmony, and well-being.

Overall, energy healing is a transforming and powerful technique that can help people recover and develop on physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Its holistic approach can assist us in accessing our inner wisdom and power in order to live a more harmonious and fulfilled existence.

Energy healing should however be utilised in conjunction with other forms of healthcare if necessary, not as a replacement for medical treatment.

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