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Majda Laalej Amsterdam Spiritual Life Coach Energy Work QHHT Practitioner

About Me

We are all Human Beings. Beings who have made the decision to experience life as a Human. I strongly believe that we are all born with all the resources within us to accomplish anything we set our heart to. From birth, throughout our life experiences, emotions come and go. Some are processed, others are pushed back, repressed. Progressively they serve us as an indicator of situations - how we receive the events and/or the information and how we act/react. Our understanding of our personalities and our lives are based on how we translate our emotions and our experiences which can lead to some potential incorrect interpretations of our skills and capabilities. 

Majda Laalej, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Life Coaching, Quantum Healer
Quantum Healing Amsterdam

Walking my own path,

I have accumulated all the necessary experiences that have led to building my strengths but also prepared for my downfall. While rebuilding myself, I have learned that all these experiences, good and bad were actually the blessings much needed to shape myself as the individual I have become. 

“Learn, develop, grow” has become the mantra I apply to myself and my practice in order to support others in their own evolution towards their true self.

Knowledge and Experience

In my quest to better understand the Human Being and the reasons why we are here, I have certified in many modalities such as:​

Should you wish an alternative in terms of language, I consult in English, French and Italian.

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