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Investment in yourself

Personal & Professional Empowerment
Quantum Healing
Quantum Healing Hypnosis
Duration 4 hours

€ 344    ( online €277 )

Past Life Regression 
Explore another life
Duration 1h30

€ 133  (online €88)

Energy Reading Aura
Basic - Life path & Aura
Duration 60 to 90 min

 122   (online € 99)

Sacred GMTRK-09.png
Deep Dive - Life path + Aura
+ Chakras + Past Life

277  (online € 244)

Duration 120 min
Sacred GMTRK-01.png
Full Review
Duration 50 min

 55  (online only)

Online or in-person sessions

Online sessions are as safe and efficient as the in-person ones and bring the benefit of going through your healing journey from the comfort of your home.

In-person sessions are also possible at your location within the Amsterdam ring. Locations outside of the ring are also available. Travel costs will be charged.

Past Life Regression Workshops
In-person or Online - Available on request

It is a beautiful and fun experience for a team building event or as an ice breaker for a gathering.

The group hypnosis includes 3 parts:

  • Past Life Regression

  • Meet your Guide

  • Future Life​

The workshop can be custom made according to your needs. Send an email to discuss your requirements. 

Sacred GMTRK-09.png

Life Path + Aura +

Past Lives + Chakras

Single Session

(in person or online)

120 to 180min

€222 +VAT

Sacred GMTRK-03.png

During a Reading session, you receive information that needs to be processed  for you to evolve and grow. As a certified Master NLP Practitioner and NLP coach, I support my clients with follow up sessions where we work together on the deep meaning of the information we have received in order to heal and move forward. 

Follow up Session - 60min

€80 +VAT

Deep Dive Reading

+5 Follow up Sessions 

€580 +VAT

If you'd like to discover more or find out which service would work best for you, book in your free 30min Discovery Call.
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