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Energy reading, Aura, Chakras and Past Life Reading


  Your path from birth up until now - a reading of the truest version of you  
Energy reading, Aura, Chakras and Past Life Reading

Energy is loaded with information. With a reading, we take a deep dive into who you are, what makes you, YOU. By connecting to you, your being (your soul) tells us what needs to be addressed at this moment of your life. We read your path in this life, from birth up until now, how you have progressed, what are the main themes that keep coming back. We also look at your aura, to understand how you present yourself to the world, how much you let people in (or not). During reading sessions, I can also take a look at some of your past lives. Not necessarily in detail, but more as a bird’s eye view. The goal is to understand the main topic of that life that very probably has something to do with the experiences you are having in your current one. Last but not least, during the deep dive sessions, I will look at your Chakras to get more details about specific aspects of what you are experiencing in this time - for instance, the way you communicate with the throat Chakra or the way you ground yourself to this world with your sacral Chakra.

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