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Their experience in their words...

I had a reading with Majda and I cannot express how much it changed not only the direction of my life but also how I plan to move forward in the future. The powerful reading, gave me so many insights into my life, from birth to present day helping me to recognise barriers that I didn’t realise existed. Majda guided me through the session in a peaceful manner that helped me to relax and feel safe and comfortable enough to completely open up.

Thank you Majda for such a beautifully insightful and empowering session, I’m on my way to rediscovering myself and achieving new personal goals.

Cherie J.

My experience with healing was very special. I must confess I was never very kin on energy treatments. But the time came when I was feeling lost and confused. I thought to myself “why not try it?”. I am so glad for my decision to give it a try. 
I still don’t know how even from a distance Majda could really connect to me. She was able to tell health issues I have but are not noticeable to anyone else. But what impressed me the most was her ability to talk to me about my emotions, thoughts and attitude towards life in a way that showed me how to improve it. It really hit home and that was the moment I started to work towards being at my best. 
Since then I have recommended her service to many friends.

Patricia C.

I had a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session and I can't express how much it helped me figure out my inner emotions and thoughts. Especially in difficult times, this kind of practice really helps an individual work through relationships, life difficulties, and inner processing.
Majda was very caring and facilitated a very safe environment for the session. It was my first time doing this kind of practice but I can truly say that Majda guided me perfectly through it.

Irina T.

I had an amazing QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) with Majda.
Majda has a gift to make you feel comfortable & safe. We first spent sometimes chatting to connect with each other and to have a clear vision of what kind of questions & guidance I needed it.
It's truly life changing to experience a quantun healing, it's so beautiful & special to be able to have such a clear connection with our higherself! I receveid a lot of guidance & information, one month after my session I am still processing all that :)

Thank you Majda for this unique & beautiful quantum healing, I am still in awe about how the session unfolded so much magic & love.

Hélène E.

The session with Majda has helped me tremendously to understand patterns of mine and get to know myself on a deeper level. Throughout the entire session Majda created a space in which I felt safe and comfortable. Also, after the session she made sure I feel ok and checked- up on me which felt very generous. Her kindness and heartfelt interest in the topic of QHHT made the session even more special to me! Thank you so much! I can highly recommend Majda to everyone who is thinking about doing a QHHT session!

Anna N.

I have had a profound and revealing experience guided with a love and sensitivity that have allowed me to feel very comfortable during all the process and very safe. I highly recommend Majda's accompaniment in these types of sessions that require great respect and intimacy. The session has brought me great clarity in several aspects, as well as healing at a very deep level in them and I feel that I am in a completely different place now. I am Grateful.

Sonia T.

Through the energy work that Majda provided, I quickly got to a point where I understood better my unconscious self, which accelerated the personal development work I was doing on myself. Spending a few months together, I understood that stepping away from my characters and meeting my true self was the key to navigate life peacefully at its full. Will always be very grateful for that.

Matt L.

I did a QHHT session with Majda and I was happily overwhelmed with the experience. She is really caring and conscious about your needs and she takes care of you with a lot of respect. The method itself is amazing and one should not be scared but embrace what is coming to them. Majda will see to it that you are safe on this journey.

Dimitris V.

My experience with Majda has been wonderful, she is very compassionate and kind whilst taking care of the client's needs during the whole process. I was initially nervous for my first QHHT session, but Majda made me feel safe and at ease quickly.
QHHT has brought a lot of healing, awareness and answers on topics such as health, relationships, life paths, family and much more for me with her help and guidance.
I highly recommend Majda to anyone who would be willing to try this amazing practice and step into a new level of awareness in life.

Daryl C.

You can feel the healing energy in the very first moment you meet Majda. I had a QHHT session for the first time in my life, being skeptical I would have allowed someone to guide me in a semi-concious state, but Majda's soothing voice was able to take me in a deep relaxation where we could do the work. After only one session I see overall improvement on some patterns I wanted to change in my life but most shocking I'm now able to stay longer hours without prescription glasses, like my eye sight improved significantly. I have the feeling that with one extra session I can permanently get rid of them. Majda can create a safe space with transparency during and after the session , providing you with all the information to make you feel at ease and supported. If you've tried traditional therapy to overcome something that is holding you back in your life and didn't work out, I highly recommend to give a try to QHHT with Conscious Evolution (Majda).

Sara P.

During the energy reading session I felt very comfortable. Majda takes the time to explain things well in a calm way.  Majda told me a lot about my life and that was very touching. It makes sense and I was impressed by the information about my life-events. I will recommend Majda with love.

Brigitta H.

Sometimes you meet someone in this line of work and you just know that they were meant to do this, because it’s so pure and comes from a place of love!

Majda is that someone! She has a compassionate, empathic and natural skill for healing. This has made me decide to do several healing and reading sessions with her! 

The sessions have given me an introspective look into myself. These insights have helped me to better understand myself. Majda has a way to make you feel safe and comfortable. And if you trust the process you will be amazed by how her sessions can help you unveil shadows that block you from true self-alignment and self-growth. I am forever grateful for her support and care! 

If you are stuck in life or if you want to better understand your behaviors so that you can make radical life changes?! I would recommend a healing journey with Majda! 

Lisa M.

Majda is such a beautiful soul. She came to my life at the very right moment, when I felt I really needed to understand myself on a deeper level. I instantly felt in complete trust and relaxation, which helped my first QHHT experience be a great journey. I was not sure what to expect from this session, but Majda guided me in such a calm way with her soothing voice, helping me reveal a lot of questions I didn’t know I needed answers to. She made me realize how things are deeply connected to each other, on both an internal and external level and helped me understand some patterns in my life and character and the reason behind them. After the session, she helped me connect the dots of the journey, as well as kept checking on me and my progress, which is very comforting! I am definitely inspired to have more sessions with Majda and work with her more on my healing process.

Athina D.

Majda guides you on a beautiful journey with all her care and unconditional attention. She listens deeply to you, with so much love and care, that immediately you feel safe and very held. She continues asking until the themes that are asking attention are clear and understood clearly. It was a beautiful session and am very grateful to have experienced this work with her!

Alina S.

Very pleasent session with Majda who made me feel amazing all through the journey. Thanks a lot Majda for your guidance

Noel N.

Majda is a very kind, caring person, passionate about her work. She hosted me at her place and I felt at ease immediately. We spent about 2h talking about my life and reviewing the questions I had for my Higher-Self.

We then started the hypnosis with the past life regressions. With her beautiful and soft voice, she help me feel safe and guided me through all the experiences I was slowly remembering. After about 1h, she asked to talk with my Higher-Self. Even though there was some resistance at the beginning, she managed to make my conscious-self fully surrender to the hypnosis and guided me all the way to get the answers to my questions for more than 1h.

During that whole time, Majda was always attentive to my needs. Even after the session, she is always super reactive and available to answer any question that rises which I am very grateful for.

Have no doubts that you will feel safe and comfortable with Majda. She loves what she does, and you can really feel that.

Astrid L.Q.

Majda is a very kind soul, she welcomed me warmly into her home. It was so natural and comfortable to share together. Truly grateful to have had the opportunity to do a hypnose session with Majda!

Alexandra S.

What an amazing uplifting experience. Truly wonderful to release these dark energies and bring them to the light for transmutation. A moving, emotional experience using the skills of a trained practitioner to bring resolution to an unseen adversary and say, "No, we do not consent....we are here to remove you today..." Dark to Light...pain to release from pain...misery to joy.....


Sandra K.

I had a beautiful and profound experience with Majda.
Following her calm and kind guidance, my perception of time and space shifted, sending me on a wild yet personal journey between the past and the future.
And whilst some of the learnings i got were instantly clear some of them are still enfolding in me and i'm looking forward to decipher these riddles and catch the signs and synchronicities from the universe along the way.
Thank you so much for the ride <3

Marine R.
(attended a workshop)

Great experience!

Will do it again to find out more.

Ilaria M.
(attended a workshop)

I never tried Healing before but for some reasons I trusted Majda and was very open to her technics. Just an hour after the healing, I could feel relieved and I felt lighter. The days after I was much more in contact with my self and the pain I experienced before was then bearable. I cannot explain what happened but I am very curious to learn more. And would recommend Majda to anyone who are suffering from a loss or anything they need help with.

Delphine E.

It’s hard to truly express in words the experience I had with Majda but if you want to get perspectives on yourself and your journey that might otherwise take ten years of talk therapy to achieve, then you should try QHHT!

Sarah C.

I had a healing hypnosis session conducted. I appreciate how the session was facilitated with such compassion and understanding. The amazing healing and information I obtained during the session was due to the way it was proficiently facilitated, and I am grateful.

Anna S.

Great experience! Will do it again to find out more.

Ilaria M.

Took the energy healing session. It was amazing to feel how in real time my chakras were being cleaned and align.
I can say that after Majda's gentle and kind words I started looking at life different and my life changed a lot after our encounter.
Im very grateful for her work.
Also i have multiple of her healing threatments and workshops on my buckets list.
If you look for answers and healing for your soul, I know no one better than she is.

Montserrat P.N.

very nice experience and regression workshop. it works really well also with the headphones on so you can keep complete focus on yourself. I saw a lot actually and I love that there is space in between session to take breaks and discuss what you`ve seen and she is really able to explain well what happens and shares knowledge. I would definitely do it again :)

Aline V. V.
(attended a workshop)

After a first Intuitive Healing with Majda, I was amazed by the results as I felt lighter, more in contact with myself and less upset. This gave me the will to investigate further and work with Majda on a deeper level.

We have scheduled 2 Quantum Healing sessions. Here are my impressions :

At first, I felt less burdened, the weight of my shoulders was taken away. I could breathe and felt lighter. I was coming from a dark place and suddenly I had more of an appetite for life, I was enjoying meeting up with friends, going for dinner, and socializing again. I felt I had the right to be happy again.


I created a contact with my Inner-self. It looked like Majda gave me the key to its door and the door is now open and I can reach out. I did not know how to follow my intuition,  but after these sessions, now I do. I listen to it and trust it to guide me. Funny enough, I don't feel lonely anymore.


Then, week after week, some changes started to happen, I gained much more self confidence, and reduced the tabac and chocolate addiction without making any specific effort. When I realised it, I was amazed as this was not specifically stated in my objectives when I started this journey with Majda. I wanted to feel better, to feel lighter, more happy but did not focus on my addictions. 

Also, things started to unfold in front of my eyes. I could give more sense of what was happening the last year and why I was going through this pain and this journey. I become less worried about the future, less anxious, less fearful. 


Today, I feel in alignment with myself and I am grateful for this life changing experience. 

Delphine E.

This was my second time joining PLR with Majda. Even though I didnt have clear memories the first time, I had few vivid visions that actually started helping me become aware of some particular patterns in my life in the few days and weeks after the session. That is why I also went for second time as well. And I would definetely go again 😊 Majda is also an amazing instructor. From the first second you see her you know you can trust her through this journey.

Pinar R.D.
(attended a workshop)

I had such a lovely experience with Majda in this Past Life Regression Workshop! I couldn't ask for a safer place to have this experience! It's a very cosy atmosphere with all the gadgets you need to relax and have a good time! The tea, visualization exercises and meditation were wonderful! Majda has a truly beautiful calming energy!
Hope to do this again soon💫💙

Carolina M.
(attended a workshop)

Majda has a wonderful energy, a bright light where you feel safe and guided. My session with her was really inspiring and I felt amazing afterwards!

Chemelle P.

I enjoyed the Past Life Regression workshop with Majda. It was something different and a little bit mysterious. I could tell Majda is passionate about the hypnotherapy.
I appreciate the professional set up she prepared for the session to make it the best possible experience. I am planning to join her session again to dive more.

Agata M.
(attended a workshop)
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