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Spiritual Life Coaching Amsterdam

Spiritual Life Coaching

Meet Your Best Self

Spiritual Life Coaching, is a great way to have some support in your evolution towards the next version of you.

All you have is now. The past is gone and the future is yet to define. But how to best do this while making sure you don't repeat some mistakes from the past? How to make sure you make the most out of all your life's lessons to set yourself up successfully for that you truly desire? As a Spiritual Life Coach I empower my clients by listening fully to their story, seeing the patterns and the roadblocks and this is where our journey begins... An adventurous yet peaceful one where the reward will be as profound as the willingness to dig deep for the healing through the understanding of all the dynamics at play. The more extensive the healing the more accurate our plan to get you where your heart is calling you. Only if you are willing to look in that direction though…

Life Coaching - Goal Oriented

Goal oriented coaching; NLP; Coaching
Professional and/or Personal

Goal-oriented coaching is a program in which we focus on helping you achieve specific goals or objectives. This can include personal goals, such as improving your physical health or developing new skills, or professional goals, such as advancing in a career or starting a business in alignment with your beliefs and values. 

We will identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. I will help you develop strategies to overcome any obstacles and stay motivated.
This program will be beneficial to individuals looking to make significant changes in their lives while increasing self-awareness or who are seeking guidance and support in achieving meaningful goals to live a more fulfilling life.

Life Coaching - Personal Development

Your Conscious Evolution

You feel ready to move on to the next stage of your life but feel “stuck”, unsure of the direction to take, starting to lose interest in all that surrounds you but you don’t understand how this can be. Your behaviour and thoughts are changing, but you don’t feel like you have initiated that change. This may be overwhelming as you’re walking on an unknown path. Through our Personal Development Life Coaching sessions, we will team up to identify who your true being, the one without the conditioning, the one you were born to be, is. With a various set of tools and deep exchanges we will explore together how you got to where you are now in order to best identify how to get you where you need to be.

Personal development coaching; growth coaching; NLP; self development;

Life Coaching - Heart to Heart

Heart to heart conversation; coaching; spiritual guidance; personal coaching; comfort;
Your wishes coming to Reality

The best way to get where we want to is by listening to our heart. It knows nothing of our conditioning nor of our limited beliefs, its wishes are pure. The difficulties start when our minds get involved and make all situations more complicated. With Heart to Heart Life Coaching, we will identify the path without the “yes, but” our minds know so well, the reasons of why you are where you are without the non sense. The truest conversations that will lead you, to your truest self to create the life you most wish for, whether you are already conscious of it, or seeking it.

If you'd like to discover more or find out which programme would work best for you, book in your free 30min Coaching Taster.
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