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The Evolution Within - My Journey to Intuitive Energy Reading

On the day of my birthday (coincidence?) in 2019, following the visions of the energy healer I had been seeing to support me in my depression (thank you Vanessa!), I visited the island of Ibiza for an intensive week of classes to learn about energy. I had no idea of the transformation I had set myself up for. It was supposed to be just a week to discover what it was about…

5 years later, the inner journey I got into has taken me to many unknown places within me. A course to (re)discover me. Who I truly am, with all my feelings, my emotions, my colours. What I am really capable of when I acknowledge and release what is slowing me down or even stopping me.

In learning so much about myself, I have developed further the skill to understand more about the Human journey and many of its aspects.

By reading the energy, we get to « see » how emotions are. How they feel, with all their variations. And we learn to move them. To activate what was dormant. To calm what was troubled. To release what doesn’t serve any purpose anymore. To transmute what can still be of use but in a different way. We get to learn to see what is invisible to the Human eyes, we learn about concepts such as ownership, sovereignty, survival, trust, life, death, fear - with its (many!) variations - love and all the emotions that us, Human Beings are so lucky to be able to feel.

These, although (very) challenging at times are our teachers. We wouldn’t be who we are, we wouldn’t be able to evolve without these confronting us in our lives with the purpose of supporting our growth.

So today, I am very grateful. To all these concepts, to all these emotions, to our teachers from the school, to my classmates I have been evolving with, to all who came to the school to allow us to enter their most sacred, intimate space - their energy body - for us to practice our reading skills, and of course, to my partner who has been supporting me through my evolution, believing in who I was becoming.

How many tears, how much laughter, how much vulnerability and how much trust.

Trust in the process.

And we made it. We are officially, Intuitive Energy Readers.

I am so excited for all that is to come!

The journey continues as I intend to start the graduate program next year.

But for now, this is a milestone I want to celebrate with a beautiful « YES » to LIFE!

If you’re interested in receiving an intuitive energy reading and/or healing, the bookings are open and as part of the celebration of this milestone, I am glad to offer a 40% discount on all online healings & readings booked throughout the month of November.*

*The booking should be completed during the month of November, with the option to schedule the session up to the 30th January, 2024.

*Limited spots available.

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