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Past Life regression - What is it & why it can be a healing method

The idea that we have lived several lifetimes, each with its own distinct set of experiences and teachings, is known as the concept of "past lives." Many spiritual traditions have this notion, which is frequently investigated through techniques like past-life regression hypnosis and shamanic travelling.

Majda Laalej Amsterdam QHHT practitioner Hypnose
Photo by ©Alexis Fauvet

Emotions, ideas or even actions we take in our present life can be influenced by the memories and energy that we have carried from prior lives. Traumas or unsolved concerns, for instance, could show up as physical or emotional difficulties in the present.

Looking into our past lives can be a very effective way to work on our personal development and healing. We can better understand ourselves and our behavioural patterns by obtaining insight into the events and lessons of our prior lives. In order to advance in a more constructive and fruitful way, we may also learn to let go of any unwanted energy or patterns that may be limiting us and to build on the knowledge and understanding from our previous lives.

Past life regression techniques include hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying and meditation. It is critical to find a qualified and experienced practitioner to guide you through these techniques, as they can be powerful and transformative experiences that require a safe and supportive environment.

Despite the fact that not everyone embraces the idea of previous lives, many people have discovered that investigating their past lives has helped them better understand themselves and their experiences and make positive adjustments in their lives. Regardless of whether you believe in former lifetimes, it is worth taking into account the potential that there may be more to our existence than just this one lifetime and that there may be insightful lessons to be learned by delving into the secrets of our past.

Discovering our past lives can be a profoundly enlightening and transforming adventure that enables us to communicate with our higher selves and realise our full potential.

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